Tired Of 
Walk Away?
Learn Your Buyer's Signals!
This interactive workshop will help you close the deal by teaching you to read and respond to the signals your customer is sending.
Words to use with different  buyer styles
You will learn which words work best with each style, and how to adjust your language so your buyer hears and relates to you more effectively.
How to read each 
buyer's style
Using cues from the DISC Behavioral Styles, you will learn about your personal style, as well as how to read the cues people give about their style.
How to tell when they're
ready to buy
Using verbal and behavioral cues, you will be able to read your buyers' signals and tell when they need more time, or are ready to buy.
Yes It Works!
I just wanted to thank you for your workshop on "Buyer's Signals.' I have been more observant of the behavioral styles and it's been easier to bond to my buyers and make sales. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants more sales "the easier way!"
~Robert F.  Jacksonville
Karen knows her stuff. I am amazed as to how well I’ve done directly with sales since going through her course about a month ago. The more you listen to her advice the better off you will be.
Feel free to contact myself and my team about our experience! 
~ Fletcher Stark 
We will begin registering for the next workshop as soon as we are given an "All Clear" to do so!

When: To Be Announced
Jacksonville Bch, FL  32250
Cost: $425/pp

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